ZTA's Quarterly Alumnae Newsletter
My roles in this newsletter are varied. I typically plan and write content, as well as manage the creation of additional assets. I then format and send the newsletter through our email marketing system, Informz by HigherLogic. I'm lucky to produce this newsletter in collaboration with several coworkers and dedicated board members.
I'm also proud to say that this newsletter received the first place award for best eNewsletter 2019 and third in 2020 from the Fraternity Communications Association. The plaques proudly hang at Zeta Tau Alpha International Office.
See for yourself
The newsletter is so fun to produce, so I can't keep it a secret. Feast your eyes on the following links.​​​​​​​
check the Concept
Prior to the launch of the Alumnae Newsletter in Sept. 2019, most alumnae did not hear from ZTA unless they were a volunteer at the national level or for a collegiate chapter. All-member emails were occasionally sent out with important news, but the average alumna did not receive communication directly from ZTA often, and definitely not on a regular basis.
ZTA launched its first-ever Alumnae Survey in Jan. 2019. The results of this survey indicated that ZTA alumnae would like to hear more from ZTA, more often. While the general idea for an alumnae-specific newsletter had been floating around prior to the survey, this data was the push needed to make it a reality.
From its inception, the most important thing about this newsletter is that it should be fun, cater to the lowest level of ZTA engagement, and not be too long. A bit like the popular email newsletter, The Skimm, the strategy is to provide quick tidbits of information in an informal tone that is easy to digest.
The Alumnae Newsletter has four key content areas: national news, volunteer spotlight, downloadable illustration and a call to action. At the end of each section, in italics, are calls to action that typically contain links to action items that any alumna can take.
Heard enough about the concept? I thought you might say so.
let's get to Results
ZTA sent this email twice in 2019, a fall and a winter edition, with an average of 70,622 recipients. We received positive feedback from individuals about the newsletter, and the open and click-through rates show that alumnae are engaging with the content
Average open rate: 28%
Average click rate: 8%

Furthermore, the click-through rate from the first email to the second increased by almost 3%, from 6.08% to 8.99%. The downloadable illustrations received the highest click-through rates of each newsletter. In the fall edition, it accounted for 560 of the total 1,130 unique clicks. In winter, this section received 464 of the total 1,483 clicks.

According to a 2019 report from Constant Contact, the average open rate for civic/social club email marketing groups, like member associations, is 19.99%, while the click-through rate is 6.87%. We were pleased to see that this newsletter is performing above industry standards.
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