My Zeta Story Podcast
Finally, a pod! ZTA launched its podcast on Nov. 10. I'm happy to report that the trailer has more than 120 streams. The Comm and Education Departments work closely together on this project.
Listen on Spotify, Apple, or wherever you get your pods.
The pod team primarily consists of:
Hailey Mangrum: podcast host and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Manager
Katherine VanSickle: theme song creator and Graphic Designer
me: podcast editor
Episode 0: the trailer
Episode 1: Sara Rulli
In this episode, our host chats with Sara about how ROTC is shaping her future, her favorite Ted Lasso quote, and how ZTA empowers her.
Episode 2: Alexis Wilkins
Alexis Wilkins wears many hats, including fashion blogger, body positivity advocate, and alumna of Theta Delta Chapter (Salisbury University). In this episode, we chat with Alexis about her experiences and advice.
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