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Talking shop on "choptalk"
Ashley (ZTA's Sr. Dir. Of Communication) and I made friends with some of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity staff, Mike and Taylor. We got together occasionally to chat about communication trends and swap ideas/best practices.
When they asked us to appear on their fraternity's podcast in March 2019, I was so excited. I can check "be a podcast guest" off my bucket list thanks to them!
We got pretty nerdy in the episode regarding public relations, media, stereotypes and how to combat them, and crisis communication.
Hear me out
The episode may be a long one if you aren't as tuned in to fraternity/sorority life. Skip ahead to the following times to hear some of my highlights:
8:45 | why fraternities/sororities get media attention
25:20 | common sorority stereotypes
32:30 | social media strategy

Here's me (far right, with the extremely long hair—can someone remind me to get a haircut?!), making everyone laugh. Ashley, my boss is on my left and our Lambda Chi friends are across from us.

And, of course, here's my artsy shot with the Choptalk logo in the background for my personal Instagram.

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