Crown & Co. Product Descriptions
Sometimes I get to do fun little tasks, like writing product descriptions for ZTA's boutique, Crown & Co. I had a blast playing around with these short descriptions for the site in 2017.

I described this ice cream tee, "This shirt is so sweet that you'll want to eat it up (do not attempt). Each letter is designed to look like an ice cream cone with a different flavor of ice cream."

This shirt reminded me of a football game, so the description matches: "Sporty enough to wear with athletic shorts, but cute enough to pair with denim, this shirt is sure to inspire a touchdown dance or two."

I can never resist the opportunity for a pun, and this shirt had a lot of low-hanging fruit. "This shirt will LEAF your friends jealous FIR sure. This super-soft tee features several cute trees with 'Zeta Tau Alpha' underneath."

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