I'm lucky to have friends who believe in the work I do. One of those pals hired me to freelance almost 20 videos for her work event. Check out a sampling of those projects below!
Event Logo Animation
First up is the logo animation. The talented people at Rhyme & Reason Design made a beautiful logo for the event, then I was tasked with taking the Illustrator file and animating it. I had a lot of fun with this one. Look closely and you'll see that all the little shapes move in unique ways.
Grand Slam Gala Sports Animation
Next, SigEp hosted a donor reception at Minute Maid Park. Again, I received a logo and was asked to animate it. This time, though, they wanted it to look like something that you might actually see in a ballpark. I think we nailed the look.
Awards Videos
Finally—and this is the doozy—they needed 16 awards videos that went with the event's outer-space theme. I managed to teach myself some new tricks for these and I'm really happy with how they turned out. SigEp provided the stats and the voiceover, and I took it from there. They played music in the room, so there's no background track in my final products. Below are just a few examples of these sweet vids.

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