video editing and script writing
This one was a doozy. Monica and I were tasked with making three videos that explained the complicated history of Zeta Tau Alpha and its umbrella organization, the National Panhellenic Conference.
Basically, tell a 100+ year history in three short videos. And make it interesting. And do it quickly.
Monica and I wrote the script and then I performed the voiceover. Yes, I am a woman of many talents and I definitely have a face for radio, as the saying goes.
EDIT: This video series went on to win an award at the Fraternity Communications Association Conference. It placed first in the "Multimedia Presentation - Educational"  category amongst submissions from other fraternity/sorority headquarters who either have in-house staff or design firms who create their content.
The first video is above. It explains what how ZTA became a part of NPC. I smiled so wide when a room of about 700 women let out a collectively sympathetic "awwww" when the ZTA train car gets left behind starting at :35.
This second video is easily my favorite. I mean, we put a revered woman into a VW van. Check that out around :54.
Wow we love circles. There are a lot of them in this video. 
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