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June 24-27, 2020
This online event replaced ZTA's in-person Convention. It was a huge shift, and every piece of content was either connected to social media, a blog, a video, or often all three. As Director of Digital Media I was busier than ever.
How could all the content and sisterhood that would normally happy in person, occur online? We had a lot to cover digitally.
First we had to figure out how to distribute the content and make it simple enough for thousands to follow along. I proposed "doing" three things per day and doing them at the same time each day. This consistency would be important for our audiences. They didn't have to constantly check the schedule, because they knew ZTA would publish:
10 a.m.: an interactive blog
2 p.m.: a Facebook Premiere/YouTube video
7 p.m.: another Facebook Premiere/YouTube video
and that, if they missed anything, they could find the content on
The website build was a joint effort between our web vendor and me. Together, we shaped and coded this site to be exactly what we needed for the in-person event. And then re-shaped and re-coded this website to work for a virtual event.
Each morning at 10 a.m., ZTA shared a link to an interactive blog. I directed the content , and they were written by our trusty Editor. The team really came through for this event!
Blogs included fun items, like a downloadable coloring sheet, a workout tutorial and playlists for each day's events.
I personally created three out of the eleven videos for the event. I've never been more thankful for my department teammates. The videos were split between three of us, which made it all possible.
The three I made were shown as Facebook Premieres, which means all the attendees could watch them play in a live setting, so they could interact with each other in real time and comment on the videos as they played out.
These videos were mainly created by recording each person doing their speaking parts over a Zoom call, then editing those together with clips we already had in the video bank.
It was so fun to watch the watch numbers climb during each one-minute countdown, and then to see the likes flying by and comments coming in. I monitored each Premiere and had pre-planned comments to drop in from the ZTA account throughout to help viewers engage with the content.
Click each button below to watch the videos on Facebook!
State of the Fraternity Address
At each Convention, Zeta Tau Alpha leaders provide an update on all things ZTA. This time, the Presidents of the Fraternity, Foundation and Fraternity Housing Corporation came together to deliver a powerful address.
Better Together: Leading through Listening with Lindsay Boccardo
Lindsay helped sisters learn how to be better listeners. Whether you're a Zeta or not, this one is worth watching start to finish. 
Sisterhood Celebration
This was the big ending to the entire four-day virtual event. There were a ton of moving parts in this one, so it felt like making five or six miniature videos and then putting them together for one big party!
A note on this one: two of the mini videos were created by other people: the Convention location video and the actual shots of the vocalists at the end. 
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