A L U M N A  P R O F I L E
Whitney is honestly so inspiring and, from what I can tell, totally deserved to be named 2015 Texas Elementary Teach of the Year. I could have written another whole page from all the wisdom she gave over the course of our phone interview.
My mom is a teacher. Well, was a teacher. She accepted an assistant principal position during summer 2016. Talking to Whitney was like talking to my mom, but it was a conversation you don't usually have with your parents.
What inspires you?
What advice would you give someone who's following in your footsteps?
How do you stay motivated?

These are all things we should be asking our parents, but typically don't. By chatting with Whitney on the phone for one afternoon, I was able to understand so much more about my own mom, because I could see a lot of her in the answers Whitney gave.
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