Award-winning work
Not to toot my horn, but.. toot toot. I'm super proud of all the work I've done, but the following projects are ones that have stood out in judged competition. All were done in partnership with friends, co-workers and/or board members, so I have to give a shout out to all those wonderful people!
The following awards were presented by the Fraternity Communications Association unless otherwise noted.
2021 | Second Place, Social Media Engagement
ZTA hired a new Digital Media Coordinator who took social media over from me. It's been great to manage the position and work with her on all things social. This award, for work in 2021, was the fourth time since I started that ZTA was honored in this category.
This category judges overall engagement across a group's social media platforms, regardless of the organization's size and which platforms are used. Entries are judged on specific metrics provided by applicants. Relevant data is provided by each social media platform’s native reporting tool.
A judge noted, "This org leads the pack in its short-form content and strategic approach across Instagram and TikTok. The organization's willingness to test and optimize video content on these newer platforms is something to be admired.”
ZTA took home four awards total in for work done in 2021.
2020 | Second Place,
William C. Levere Award for Total Communication
This is one of FCA’s highest honors and recognizes a complete communication package or campaign. Submissions are evaluated on content, writing and design as they relate to forming one comprehensive and cohesive message that brings amazing communication together in one place. Judges said, “Overall, the messaging checks every box. It is clear and engaging. It captures relevant points and answers many questions through the use of stellar graphics and video components.” Relive the Virtual Sisterhood Celebration by checking out our recaps.
2020 | Second Place, Video - Educational
This award honors outstanding efforts related to videos intended for educational purposes. Winners demonstrate creativity, originality and inventiveness. Those three words certainly describe our Archivist Patti Cords Levitte (Beta Phi Chapter, Michigan State University). Judges said, “This video was a fun direction to talk about the history and the Mystifying Picture. The story was cohesive and brought many interesting facts for a viewer.” Watch this episode of “What the HEC?” to see for yourself.
2020 | Third place, eNewsletter
This award honors outstanding efforts in communication through an eNewsletter—a publication that gives specialized information to a limited audience on a regular basis, in an electronic format. For the second year in a row, the Quarterly Alumnae Newsletter received this honor. Award recipients display excellence in overall content, design, creativity and organization. A judge said the newsletter is, “clear, nicely designed and focused. This was one of the best entries.”
2020 | Third Place, Specific Purpose Website was recognized in this category. The award honors outstanding efforts in communication for a specific purpose through a website. These might include the organization’s site for its Foundation, convention, fundraising campaign, etc. Entries should display excellence in overall content, design, creativity and navigation. A judge said, “Very well done. The way this day of giving was set out was very creative. I'm sure it would have been fun to watch along all day as challenges were unlocked.” The hundreds of ZTA members who engaged online during the Foundation’s first Day of Giving on Oct. 15 would agree! If you missed it, check out our recap blog to catch the fun.
ZTA received nine awards for work done in 2020.
2019 | First place, Excellence in Digital Marketing
The Today & Forever Alumnae Survey campaign brought home the top spot in this category, which can only be won once in a three-year period.

Judges said, "There were so many engaging elements of this campaign. 1) The pre-launch "hype video" was perfect for the social platform, folding in popular GIFs to attract the eye while keeping the content informative yet short. 2) I can appreciate the drip and action-based email approach as to not overwhelm alumnae who have already engaged in the survey. 3) Great work on the kit for ZLAMbassadors. They seemed to be chock full of detail and clearly well thought out."
2019 | Third place, eNewsletter
The brand-new Quarterly Alumnae Newsletter launched in September 2019 after the results of the first-ever Alumnae Survey showed that ZTA alumnae would like to hear more from us. We didn't need to be told twice, and the newsletter received recognition from judges for filling that need.
ZTA took home four awards total in for work done in 2019. We would normally send staffers to a conference to accept the awards, but as they were presented in 2020, we got to all be together on Zoom!
2018 | First place, Video Presentation – General
This video puts a fun twist on the traditional list of dos and don’ts by offering more engaging examples of how to make the most of the Convention experience. Judges rated it a perfect 10. You might recognize the voice (and you might not if you've never heard me speak). 
2018 | First place, Specific-Purpose Website received this award because, according to judges, “It is easy to navigate and included a few extra things like what to pack and a recap from the previous conference.”
ZTA received four total awards for work completed in 2018. See our pic below!
2017 | Third place, eNewsletter
National Leadership Conference attendees opted in to this newsletter. Featuring a limited amount of text and a photo or gif, this quick newsletter linked to blogs to help keep members updated and informed about NLC.
For work in 2017, ZTA received three awards.
2016 | First place, Multimedia Presentation – Educational
Created to inform Zetas about the history of the relationship between the National Panhellenic Conference and Zeta Tau Alpha, the “Seek NPC” video, and its two accompanying videos, were first presented at Convention 2016’s Panhellenic Luncheon.
2016 | First place, Best Online Magazine or Feature
Zetas have a lot of great things to say, and ZTA does its best to share a variety of content from collegiate chapters, alumnae and International Office via the official ZTA Tumblr.
2016 | Second place, Social Media Engagement
ZTA’s social media channels consistently engage members in meaningful ways across all platforms.
These three awards were the only ones ZTA received for 2016 work.
2015 | Second Place, Overall Social Media Engagement
ZTA's social media proved again to be engaging and meaningful across all platforms.
For work completed in 2015, ZTA was honored with six awards.
2014 | Second Place, Overall Social Media Engagement
ZTA's overall social media content and presence aims to engage members in meaningful ways on all platforms.
2014 | Third Place, Multimedia Presentation, Educational
ZTA's "New Members are not Babies" video took a clever, humorous approach to an important topic.
My first year on staff, ZTA received seven awards in total.
Greater Birmingham Humane Society
Employee of the Month
In October 2013, the GBHS Executive Director cited my work ethic and creativity as reasons she named me Employee of the Month.
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